Profile: Charlotte Latham

Charlotte was born in North Devon and spent several years in Germany before returning to England to study Fine Art. Throughout her studies she spent time working with international artists in California and this both inspired and influenced much of her work.

Charlotte takes a diverse and innovative approach to her work in terms of subject matter and form. Using ink, wax and various metals to create highly textural paintings, she draws inspiration from nature and uses natural processes to her paintings and sculptures. Her travels also inspire her, enabling her to capture the mood of those experiences in both her oil and resin paintings.

Charlotte has worked in resin for over 10 years. Applied directly to the canvas her medium has no tolerance for mistakes providing a constant challenge and creating instant feedback on success or failure. Much of this work is typified by the pure white canvas which is left exposed in direct contrast to the texture and colour applied.

Her work has been exhibited in galleries throughout the UK and is held in private and corporate collections in the UK and overseas.

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