Profile: Kirsti Hannah Brown

Kirsti Hannah Brown trained at Manchester Metropolitan University in Contemporary Crafts from 1990-1993. Following this she set up her own ceramic workshop in Chester in 1996.

Her distinctive work is based on the interaction of Man and Landscape. The bottles are reminiscent of human forms having defined shoulders and narrow necks. The glazes and decoration are then added to evoke landscapes, seascapes and marks found in the landscape. Drawing is integral to her work ansd she is inspired by the landscape particularly in winter when walls, fences and trees emphasise the shapes of fields and hillsides. Each piece is hand built using slab building technique. Her work is all fired to stoneware temperature 1260 c.

Her work has been in galleries across the country from Cornwall to the Shetland Islands including Bridgegate Gallery, Tate Shop Liverpool, Bluecoat Display Centre Liverpool, Ruthin Craft Centre and Countryworks,Powys. Kirsti has lectured in 3-D Design for the past 15 years while continuing to produce her own work.

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